How to travel to Ha Giang

Ha Giang Loop

Ha Giang Loop of Vietnam one of the destination you should come to visit, Ha Giang Loop have so many thing and amazing thing to visit and see, mountain, river, Valley, rural village, culture of 27 ethnic minorities, most spectacular landscape with a 1000 of the limestone mountain emerge on the land ...

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How to do Motorbike tour in Ha Giang

to do motorbike tour in ha giang if you have a lot of luggage so how you can carry, as many people asking this question, and if you travel by suitcase how to do with suicase, and how if you have big beg, this not a big problem, if you travel in Ha Giang we recommend you ever one travel by motorbike in Ha Giang should prepare for you a beg for you put your importain clother and some thing need to wear for 3 to 4 days motorbike tour trip

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What to see in Ha Giang

Ha Giang is paradise of road trip and most smake road in the world, Ha Giang have so many thing to see, if you have time should stay and take time to visit for 3 days, if you go to hagiang for 3 days you can see all of famoust sight of Ha Giang, as you know Ha Giang where concentrain all of landscap ...

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