Ha Giang Back Of The Bike tour

Ha Giang Loop

Ha Giang Loop of Vietnam one of the destination you should come to visit, Ha Giang Loop have so many thing and amazing thing to visit and see, mountain, river, Valley, rural village, culture of 27 ethnic minorities, most spectacular landscape with a 1000 of the limestone mountain emerge on the land ...

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where to stay in Ha Giang Loop

Ha Giang one of the new destination for you to visit still wild and untouch people live still nature not commecial area, for you stay in Ha Giang is one of the cheapest place in the world, you can looking for a guest house or home stay or hotel where ever even at the village people will welcome you to stay, it easy people very hospitality that make you so easy for travel to Ha Giang, it good for your plan now

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Ha Giang Back of The Bike Tour

Ha Giang back of the bike tour, will help you have pefect way to travel to see rural villages, huge mountain and valley as some road car not allow to entry, back of the bike tour ha giang also help you to do the tour as you can not ride bike, our driver will help you to do this tour, you will sit be ...

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hoi an vespa tour

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