Ha Giang Loop

Ha Giang Loop of Vietnam one of the destination you should come to visit, Ha Giang Loop have so many thing and amazing thing to visit and see, mountain, river, Valley, rural village, culture of 27 ethnic minorities, most spectacular landscape with a 1000 of the limestone mountain emerge on the land look so amazing, come to Ha Giang Loop you will have many different feeling of the amazing landscape, any where you go to visit you need to say wow that so beautiful

Welcome to Ha Giang loop, Ha Giang Loop one of the amazing place for you come to visit and come to ride Motorbike to visit the area, with the most beautiful and amazing road, and alot of the huge and deep Valley, and the mountain villages of ethnic minorities people living and a lot of local culture so much fun and interesting 

Ha Giang Loop located at the north of Hanoi capital of Vietnam about 350km and Ha Giang Loop with 90 % the area is the mountain, is the land mountain and limestone mountain, with high altitude and the weather all year around is so cool Travel to Ha Giang Loop you aslo have chance to learn and see the special of ethnic minorities cultures.. 

Ha Giang Loop there are many famous sport for you to visit like , Pac Sum Pass, heaven gate, Quang Ba twin Mountain, 1000 year old lonely tree, and Yen Minh, Tham ma pass, Dong Vac Meo Vac, Lung Cu where the borderline with china.. and visit special pass in Ha Giang Is Ma Pi Leng and Nho Que river , Tu San Valley, Road M, Du Gia Village this amazing and spectacular landscape Ha Giang Loop will in interesting place for you to discover it still wilds area

How to travel to Ha Giang Loop 

Travel to Ha Giang Loop very easy and cheap to compare travel with another company, you can take by sleeping bus from Hanoi to Ha Giang or day time limousine to Ha Giang, then you rent a motorbike or semi automatic for you to ride your self , but not you need to book Motorbike in advence if you dont't book in advance some time all bike from the company not available especail if you travel in the weeken, for travel to Ha Giang Loop one of the best way for you to travel in Ha Giang Loop by Motorbike, 

we have a lot of the question from many people if we don't know to driver Motorbike how can i do, is it tire to travel by motorbike all of this question will have this answer for you

Travel to Ha Giang Loop 90% people travel by motorbike, if you are not as good or don't know to ride Motorbike you can book a tour with Ha Giang Loop Tour or Ha Giang Easy rider company provide for you experience driver and self for you, is it tire when travel by Motorbike we would like to say no, it  have a lot of fun and interesting, because you can see over view and so many thing to visit and see so beautiful you will not feel any tire, also travel to Ha Giang Loop, you area not driver to long to be break, tour will stop at many places for you to visit and take picture, so this you have relaxing and enjoy the view, one day driver around 120 to 140km but use 8 to 10 hours, so you can see move not too much time on the bike and you will never feel tire ok 

We recommend for you to visit Ha Giang Loop Tour for 3 days it the best time for every one but if you have time should do 4 to 5 days it will be great time for you to visit Ha Giang no rush and you can have more time to visit area

Here we would like to recommend for you an itinerary of 4 days to visit Ha Giang Loop 

Day 1: Ha Giang- Pac Sum pass - Heaven Gate - Quan Ba- Yen Minh- Dong Van: (B,L,D)
At 8 Am. Our Ha Giang Easy Rider Team will pick up you from your hotel, hostel, homestay or bus station, any meeting point or start from our office in Ha Giang 
8.15 Am. Start our excursion We take you to one jouney of the first day up hill to Quan Ba that we can see many beautiful views of mountain, villages, ethnic minority people groups… as: The heaven gate in Tam Son, hiking around Quan Ba, visiting the Twins Hill, Nam Dam village of Dao ethnic. The lunch is served in Yen Minh town for some local and organic foods with your guide and driver.
We keep going to up hill to see the Rocky Highland and Karst Plateau along the way to Dong Van, the views are stunning and incredible of rocks in the mountains. Your guide also takes you to visit an ancient building that was built over hundred years ago by Chinese style construction in Vuong King’s Palace who leaded about 70,000 of the H’Mong ethnic people in this area. Walking around the town at late afternoon to see the Old quater area that Chinese traded goods with Vietnamese before.
Today you will be here to stay at a Hotel or Home stay  and spend a night at Dong Van town  
Day 2: Dong Van- Lung Cu Flag Pole- Ma Pi Leng pass- Meo Vac: (B,L,D)
After breakfast start our excursion again to day our riders will take about an hour for driving to get to Lung Cu Flag Pole, where you see the border area from Vienam and China territory. The views are splendid and huge from the flag pole or observating point for looking out. then we continue ride to see most beautiful pass and also the most snake road in the world and on the way we stop for you many place for you take picture and visit some rock mountain villages 

The Lunch is served on the way to Ma Pi Leng pass which is the most beautiful view in Vietnam from mountains. Between the cliffs, you can see a unique river- Nho Que. and our team will take you going down to nho Que river will driver will though pass most amazing road with 48 step for cruise on Nho Que river, You will have around one hours cruise though Tu San Cliffs you will amazing of the view, you will have chance to take most beautiful picture for you 

In the late afternoon you can walk around to see a daily market in Meo Vac town to see many kind of goods that people selling there.
Today you will be here to stay at a guest house and join in a cooking class to learn how to cook some local dishes here.
Day 3: Meo Vac- Mau Due- Duong Thuong- Du Gia village: (B,L,D)
After breakfast you check out room and the guide and driver take you on a new day to see many different kind of views as: lake for fishing, rice terraced fields, hikng in the villages of Dao and Tay ethnic minority people…
Today is combination of driving and hiking to take great photos.
In the late afternoon you will be at a local family to stay at the homestay and spend a very experience life of culture, custom of people who lived here from hundred years ago. tonight will stay over night at Du Gia village and have dinner with homestay family 
Day 4: Du Gia- Yen Minh- Quan Ba- Ha Giang: (B,L,D)
Today you will take an easy going down hill to come back Ha Giang city. On the way the guide can arrange to take you to see a very famous and outstading village for hemp weaving, indigo dying for fabric that we called Lung Tam. From here you can see a local club for some ethnic minority of H’Mong women that they can show you a processional for hand made staffs. we will arrange for you to be on time for you leave Ha Giang belong your booking if you book bus or limousine leave at 3 pm we will arrange for you back early or night bus we will be on time and flaxible for you 
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